Top 5 WhatsApp Tracker and New Update

Top 5 WhatsApp Trackers and New Update

Right now, more than 5 billion people use WhatsApp. In the world we live in now, WhatsApp has become something we can’t live without. You guys have probably been using WhatsApp for a while. It has a lot of benefits, but I’m going to tell you about one you don’t know about today.

In today’s article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to get full information about anyone’s WhatsApp and how parents can check their kids’ WhatsApp and keep an eye on them. Aside from that, you can find out who someone talks to on WhatsApp by reading this piece, which will show everything you can do.

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Top 5 Tracker Apps for WhatsApp in 2023–24

This piece will tell you about five WhatsApp trackers you can use to look up someone’s WhatsApp information.

  1. Chat state
  2. Chat chart
  3. Chat analyzer
  4. W-track last seen
  5. What’s me

The chat state

The first app on our list lets you get all of a person’s WhatsApp information. This is a very cool app, and I’ve been using it myself.

Chart of chat

This app is cool, and you can even get someone’s WhatsApp information from it.

You must use this app if you want to keep an eye on your kids or delete someone’s WhatsApp.

Analyzer of chat

Using this app, you can get someone’s WhatsApp information. I use this app and find it helpful.

I will suggest that you use this app so that you can also get someone’s WhatsApp information.

Last seen on W-track

This app is great for people who use WhatsApp. It lets you see the last scene on anyone’s WhatsApp and see when they were last online and when they weren’t.

You can use it to save a lot of room, and if you have more than one WhatsApp number for someone, you can add his number and see his last scene.

Who am I?

This is the last app, but it’s the best one. It’s easy to get someone’s WhatsApp data with it, but you shouldn’t use it if you have to.

How do I get these apps?

I’ll tell you a very easy way to download this app: go to the Play Store on your phone and look for the name of the app. You will find it there.


In this piece, I explained in detail how you can get someone’s full WhatsApp information.

This app is made for you to use, so don’t abuse it.


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