How can I use the Markaz app to make money?

Everyone wants to make money now that prices are going up. Many people have lost their jobs because of it, but everyone wants to make money online. Today, you can’t make money from home, even though everyone wants to. I will tell people about an app that lets you make millions of rupees from home.

How to make money with the Markaz app

Today, I’ll tell you how to use the Markaz app to make money. Most of you know that Center is a Markaz app that lets you sell things and get paid commissions.

There are many ways to make money from center mistakes, but selling things and getting a fee is the best and most profitable way.

How do you get orders through the Markaz app?

A lot of people make money with the Markaz app, but a lot of people have trouble selling things on Markaz because they don’t get any buyers.

I’ll also tell you how to get people to use the Markaz app right now.

  1. Through Facebook
  2. Through WhatsApp
  3. Through a short video platform

Through Facebook!

You can also find buyers on Facebook, giving you more places to sell your things.

But Facebook also has a tool called “Marketplace” that lets you sell your thing and make a good profit.

Millions of people run their businesses this way because it works so well. People have been using Facebook’s “Marketplace” for a long time to grow their businesses. On the site, you can make money, and you can also use it to start your own business.

Use WhatsApp!

You can find a customer using WhatsApp Business. You can sell your goods and make money with WhatsApp Business. Even though a lot of people sell things on WhatsApp, you shouldn’t. Many articles have been written about WhatsApp Business, which lets you sell your goods and make money. Start making money right away by signing up for WhatsApp Business.

By watching short movies on a website!

You can also use the Shot Video app to bring in buyers. All of the ways I told you to get your first customer work, but the best way to get the most customers is through a short video site.

You can sign up for any site and post videos there about your goods. You can also put a link to your product in the bio of that account, which will help you sell more. You will get more money.

How to put the Markaz app on your phone

I’ll tell you how to get this app on your phone in a very easy way. You can click on a link at the end of the story you are reading to get this app. Download

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