How to Earn for Question Answering – 10 Paying Websites

There are many ways to make money on the Internet, including getting paid to answer questions. Answering questions is one of those things. By answering questions that other people have asked online, people can make money. There’s nothing more to say.

There are real websites whose only goal is to help people in this way. On these sites, people can ask any kind of question, and experts will answer it for money.

If the answer is helpful, the experts may be able to make money from it. Doesn’t it sound easy? So, if you are an expert in a certain field and want to make money in your spare time, these question-and-answer sites are for you.

How to Get Paid to Answer Questions:

Here is a list of question-and-answer apps where you can get paid to answer questions from users:

1. Just Answer:

JustAnswer is the most popular place for experts to make money. They have an easy-to-use chat system that makes it simple to talk with customers. To be an expert on our website, you must know a lot about the subject you are applying for. There are many options, such as businesses, computers, the law, animals, and more.
After you choose your area of expertise, you must provide your personal information and credentials, like a scanned copy of your diploma or degree, certificates, etc. After you send in your application, you might hear back in 5–10 days.

Information on how to pay
When people use JustAnswer, they get paid through PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards. The payment for each question can be anywhere from $20 to $50 or more.


PrestoExperts is known for being able to answer questions about any topic at any time of day or night. anything from business solutions and technical help to lessons on any subject and counseling for mental health. You can choose from more than 600 categories that match your exact service description to become an expert.

To join PrestoExperts, you have to fill out an application form with your personal information and how much you know about the field you want to work in. The best thing is that you can sign up for as many categories as you know a lot about. You will get an email when a job opens up asking you to apply.

Information on how to pay
PrestoExperts pays its experts either through PayPal or by check. Since you are an expert, you can choose how much you want to charge per session. For a session, you must configure your rate per minute. Whether you choose chat or the phone for your session, your service fee will start as soon as you answer the call and continue until the session is over. The price for an expert usually starts at $2 per minute and goes up from there. Visit the PrestoExperts FAQ page to learn more about them.

3. Maven:

Maven is a well-known company that does micro-consulting and hires experts from all over the world. By giving advice, these experts help people decide what to do in their daily lives. Maven is a global market for information that helps businesses make decisions, do research, fill out surveys, and share insights.

Sign up and fill out an application form to become a micro-consultant. After that, decide what you think is a fair hourly rate for consulting and start building your profile.

Information about paying users of Maven by checking How much Maven consultants charge per hour depends on how skilled they are. Visit their FAQ page for further details.

4. Experts123

Experts123 is a different kind of software that lets you ask and answer questions. It’s very different from how most websites work. Experts can make money by answering people’s questions or writing helpful articles. If more people read your questions or articles, you’ll make more money. If your articles get a lot of attention, the company may ask you to write paid articles for other clients.

You have to sign up for the site before you can fill out your profile. Then, write down everything you know how to do. You can write about technology, health, and beauty, among other things.

Payment Information: Experts123 pays its users through PayPal. When you answer questions and write articles, you won’t always get paid the same amount. The payout rate depends on how much of money you make from ads on the articles you keep for yourself. But if a business pays for a piece of writing, an independent writer might get $10 to $20.

5. 6YA:

The website 6YA has a lot of questions and answers that can help people. Helping people who call in earns you money. Between 4 and 5 minutes is the average length of a phone call. You are at liberty to work whenever and as you like.

Your phone makes it easy to answer calls. You can start working as an expert after setting up your profile and choosing your call times. You can help people by joining more than 600 groups. Right now, 6Ya has services available all over the US.

Information on how to pay
Service calls that last less than one minute are free. 6ya will automatically send you $3 through DirectDeposit for calls that last longer than a minute.

6. Wonder:

Wonder is a site that uses research to answer questions. People who join their community as research analysts might be able to start making money by answering questions from the site’s research dashboard. Users ask questions, and researchers have to find answers by doing research. The researcher doesn’t get paid if the buyer isn’t happy with the answer.

If you want to work for Wonder as a research analyst, you have to fill out an application form first. The next step is to choose whether you want to be a writer or a source (researcher). Users must go through a three-step application process that tests their English and critical thinking skills before they can use Source. The business will let you know if you did well by sending you an email.

Information on how to pay
Wonder pays its researchers with PayPal. A writer makes $15–$18 an hour, while a source makes $8–$20.

7. helpful:

helpful is a free website where people can ask questions and get answers. This website helps its users by answering their questions and giving points to those who do so. In this case, no one pays you to answer questions, but the more questions you answer, the more points you get. You can buy gift cards with these points.

You have to make an account before you can answer questions. Once your account has been verified, you can start answering questions and writing reviews to earn points. You can get points in different ways. When you write a review of a company, you get 750 points. When you ask a question, you get 50 points. When you answer a question, you get between 10 and 1000 points.

Information on how to pay
helpful pays its members with gift cards to stores like Walmart and Amazon. For 50,000 points, you can get a $10 gift card.

8. The website is a similar site that also pays out in bitcoin. hires and pays people from many different fields to answer emails and do tasks.

To join, you have to make a profile and join lists based on your skills and knowledge. When you’re done, businesses, recruiters, and researchers will start to contact you about your field. If you answer them, you might get paid. All it takes is that. To make more money, you could also do small jobs.

You can use Bitcoin to pay for information on So, now might be a good time to learn more about cryptocurrencies if you want to. I suppose you have nothing to lose.


StudyPool is an online site for tutoring that has questions and answers. People who use the service and help kids with their homework or other projects can make money online. The tutors just have to look at the different subject areas, pick one, and answer the questions that go with it.

You must use your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account to sign up as a teacher. After that, finish your profile by writing down where you went to school and what you majored in. After that, you can pick from a list of questions to answer.

Information on how to pay
PayPal is used to pay StudyPool’s teachers. A question could cost as much as $100.


Fixya is a website that helps people with questions or problems with products. If there are no answers, users can ask a question directly, and experts will answer via email. Most experts don’t get paid to answer questions, but you will if you sign up to be a premium expert.

You have to be part of the community to become a premium expert. Based on how well they answer, experts get a score from 1 to 3. For experts, there are also three levels. You move up to different levels based on how many points you get. The best professionals are at the top level. Once you become a premium expert, you will be able to see paid questions, which you can then answer for money.

Information on how to pay
FixYa pays between $3 and $5 for each answer from a premium specialist. You can also give people live sessions and let them decide how much they should pay. Reports say that they started their premium experts program, but some experts say that they didn’t start making money for them until much later.

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