Differences Between a Pharmacy Assistant and Pharmacy Technician

Working in a pharmacy offers you the threat to assist a range of people. While you can work as a pharmacist, you can additionally pursue a profession as a pharmacy assistant or pharmacy technician. While each positions work in the back of the counter at a pharmacy helping a pharmacist, the two roles have many differences. Knowing how these jobs fluctuate can assist you decide which you may additionally choose to pursue. In this article, we define the function of a pharmacy assistant and pharmacy technician.
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What is a pharmacy assistant?

Also recognised as pharmacy clerks or aids, pharmacy assistants operate more than a few administrative and clerical responsibilities inside a pharmacy to make sure it runs efficiently. They regularly work in the back of the register, whether or not they’re answering smartphone calls to the pharmacy or arranging for a patron to communicate with the pharmacist for their questions or concerns.

What is a pharmacy technician?

They normally have a extra concerned position compared to pharmacy assistants. While you can also have some of the identical clerical obligations that a pharmacy assistant has, this function focuses greater on filling patron prescriptions.

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Pharmacy assistant vs. pharmacy technician
Ultimately, a pharmacy technician has a greater superior function than a pharmacy assistant. Here are the variations between each of these positions:

Job duties

While pharmacy assistants and pharmacy technicians have some of the equal duties, they additionally have their differences. It’s additionally well worth noting that technicians regularly have extra responsibilities than pharmacy assistants. These extra obligations may additionally encompass supervising assistants alongside the pharmacists.
Pharmacy technicians normally work at once with the practise of prescriptions and have interaction with a range of customers. Here are some of their frequent duties:

  • Review prescription information.
  • Measure, combine or compound medications.
  • Label prescription bottles.
  • Give clients their medications.
  • Organize the pharmacy.
  • Process insurance plan claims.
  • Call docs to authorize prescription refills.
  • Answer patron calls to the pharmacy.
  • Restock pharmacy shelves.
  • Take consumer information.

Process payments.

In comparison, pharmacy assistants manage greater administrative duties inside a pharmacy. While they might also remember remedy or label prescription bottles, they do not cope with the practise of prescriptions like pharmacy technicians. Here are some of a pharmacy assistant’s frequent duties:

  • Stock pharmacy shelves.
  • Monitor stock levels.
  • Maintain affected person files.
  • Operate the pharmacy money register.
  • Answer cellphone calls to the pharmacy.
  • Take purchaser prescriptions to pharmacists or a pharmacy technician.
  • Place elements for orders and pharmaceuticals.

Package shipments.

Get prescriptions equipped for purchaser pickup as soon as they’re organized by using the pharmacist or pharmacy technician.
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Pharmacy technicians make a countrywide common earnings of $29,925 per year, whilst pharmacy assistants make a country wide common profits of $32,230 per year. Your salaries in these positions may additionally rely on your employer, your geographic place and your journey in the field. Apart from these salaries, you might also additionally earn advantages like worker discounts, fitness insurance plan and a bendy time table relying on your employer.
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Job outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reviews an employment increase of 4% for pharmacy technicians—a boom that is as quickly as the common for all different jobs in the workforce. The BLS would not document records on pharmacy assistants, however.

Education requirements

Most states do not require a formal training for each the pharmacy technician and pharmacy assistant roles. Typically, you solely want a excessive college diploma. Despite no formal training requirements, you can nevertheless acquire on-the-job coaching for both profession route or enter a pharmacy science application to assist you locate work or study extra about the field.
If you are involved in pursuing both of these careers, think about focusing on math courses, analyzing anatomy and physiology or finishing an internship to assist you acquire applicable trip for your pharmaceutical career.


While pharmacy assistant roles do not require licensing, pharmacy technicians might also want certification in some states. In order to get hold of your license as a pharmacy technician, you want to skip an examination via the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or via the National Healthcareer Association. To earn a certification from the latter, you want to both entire at least one yr of ride in the discipline or entire a pharmacy tech training program.

Required skills

Both pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants require positive competencies in order to function their jobs effectively. While pharmacy assistants have greater clerical tasks, each pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants can advantage from some of the identical skills. Here are some of the abilities each of these professions use daily:
Accuracy: Both pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants want to hold accuracy at some point of their a number duties. Whether they’re processing insurance plan claims, reviewing prescription statistics or finishing a income transaction at the pharmacy money register, it is essential to operate correct calculations and have the potential to confirm the most factual information.
Collaboration: Both pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants work alongside every different and a pharmacist. Therefore, it is necessary to have robust collaboration competencies in order to work efficiently as a team. Ultimately, their capability to talk and work alongside every different seamlessly approves them to higher serve the customers.
Mathematical proficiency: Whether you are processing repayments or working the money register at the pharmacy, it is vital to have sturdy mathematical abilities for each the pharmacy technician and pharmacy assistant position. Even even though you might also use software program to assist you operate vital calculations, this ability can assist you affirm statistics on your own.
Customer provider skills: Customer provider capabilities permit you to top have interaction pharmacy clients no depend your pharmaceutical position. This talent lets in you to hear to a customer’s issues and assist get to the bottom of any troubles they face.
Pharmaceutical knowledge: Both of these roles require you to have a know-how of pharmaceutical drugs, policies and pharmacy safety. Having this information can assist you higher guide a pharmacist and assist you higher serve a pharmacy’s customers.

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